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  • Anky Aarts

Anky is available for online consultations with the Constellation Method. Here are some tips!

Updated: May 29, 2021

Anky uses the Constellation Method as described in the blog “Bringing the Nervous System back home” during her virtual consultations.

The need to social distance ourselves can bring up some of our emotional wounds, with an increase of anxious thoughts, stress and/or pain. The online Constellation Method using Footprints is an effective method to works on those issues. Our nervous system responds to healing in a virtual healing room because it feels like being in the same room together and is a safe way to explore how we respond to triggers. This allows us to explore and heal the under-laying issues of our symptoms, such as inherited family wounds and automatic responses to trigger such as repeating stress cycles, emotional upsets, chronic health symptoms, and critical illnesses.

By clicking the link to my blog you can read more on how your nervous system can heal. You can sign up using the link to my contact form for a short initial session of 30 minutes to try it out and make yourself comfortable with this method (for a fee). Also, I have posted a Tip Sheet of how to prepare your self for such a session. Read more...

Variety of indications can be treated, including critical illnesses, accidents, chronic pain, and mental issues.

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