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Subtle Oscillating Massage Therapies: combining elements of Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy, Strain-counterstrain, Positional Release and Oscillation. Examples:


Lawyer John’s (not his real name) complained of not being able to hold his pen and sign legal documents. Using Subtle Diagnostic techniques followed by Subtle Massage Therapies revealed energetic blockages in his chest. Following the ‘felt sense’ of these blockages allowed John to remember how he fell of his ladder fixing the cutter of his cottage. Once release, he would be able to write a book if he chose so!


Another example using Subtle Oscillating Massage techniques combined with Auricular Medicine using Monica [not her real name] as an example:


this social worker walked in looking crippled-over with sciatic nerve pain. We found the corresponding disc point on her ear and placed a gold semi-permanent tiny needle there. Next we used the Subtle Oscillating techniques on her spine while she recalled the conflicting situation at work. Once resolution was found, the body more deeply relaxed, the Oscillation techniques for both spine and kidneys held, and Monica walked out with a smile. Some residual tingling was experienced which we dealt with in the two subsequent sessions.


Using Footprints to change pathways of brain activity, one of the Inherited Trauma therapy modalities:


Stepping on the footprints of yourself, one of your parent, or significant others of your family clan allows you to experience what brought your nervous system into a state of protection mode. Once this protection mode wears out and it can hinder instead of protect you. It might be time to move on.


One method is by stepping onto footprints of you as a child and those of your parents. This enabled Cynthy [not her real name] to remember images of the first year of her life when her freeze response helped her to survive the shock of an accident and the subsequence loss of her mother. Once this memory resurfaced, the ‘shock-imprint (introject) of her mother became unstuck from her psyche. It felt like shock-in-reverse’ to her. This process freed up her central nervous system. For the first time in her 33 years was she now able to feel grounded and more open to love and appreciation. More information can be found on: website.


Using Auricular Medicine to change the human energy field and balance the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS):


Sometimes the balancing of the ANS allows true healing and re-alignment of mind-body continuum to kick-start. The placing of the tiny micro-pellets [gold or silver coated] causes an immediate response in the ANS, the emotional field, and/or the physical body. Examples are the throbbing of the thumb joint after hitting it with a hammer. Placing a gold [sedation effect] pellet on the ear will give immediate relieve, just like with pressure on a sciatic nerve will. At other times an emotional response can be triggered, allowing the release of a shock to release and the body following will start to heal too.

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