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Creating your own healing assistant

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Using this simple and cheap tool on your occipital ridge on your scull and activate your self-correcting ability (10-15 minutes daily).

How to ‘create’ your own personal assistant:

Your energetic health is facilitated by the dynamic function of the subtle energy and physical body, the craniosacral system and our primary respiratory mechanism. It can be enhanced on a daily basis by using a tool developed by the Upledger Institute and simplified by A Different Touch Health Clinic, using two ‘soft rubber balls’ in a sock or pantyhose (with a knot on either side so that they don’t separate). It can help you get over work-stress, headaches, back-pain, or muscle fatigue from working out, or digestive issues, as well as with overcoming the initial shock of minor injuries.

Simply lie down on your back while resting your head on the two balls. You can find the location by drawing a straight line from your ear opening to the back of your head, until your find a bony knuckle. You can also arrive at this bony knuckle on the back of your head (known as ‘occipital protuberance’ or the ‘great knuckle’) by placing four fingers from the base of your scull upwards. Laying 15 – 20 minutes each day on your personal friend will revitalize your body and mind. Enjoy!

You can find pictures of this tool and how to use it on my blog: A Different Touch Healing Approach to Health and Well-Being.

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