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Bringing your Nervous System Back Home

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

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By popular demand this method is available online in my virtual healing room - Using the free-to-download ZOOM app.

Have you experienced feeling overly sensitive to your environment? Or feeling fatigued, unable to face new situations, study or work, unable to eat the food you like, or shop in a mall? It is possible that an aspect of your nervous system is trying to keep you safe, but at a price.

Brain science calls this a state of overwhelm within our "social engagement system". This protective mechanism of over- and/or underactive synapse responses in the brain activate too many or too few neurotransmitters, a mismatch so to speak. This state can make you feel unable to eat certain foods, oversensitive to light or noise, and your family, friends or work situation seem to have become simply ‘too much’.

Anky, owner of offers one-on-one sessions (in person or via Zoom) to help you bring your nervous system back home into its "window of tolerance".

Listening to your body instead of your story can reveal the moments of overwhelm that caused the nervous system to become stuck. Somatic healing modalities offer ways to bring your nervous system out of its ‘stalled’ or overwhelmed state. Your body, when allowed, will show how to undo these ‘frozen or overwhelmed memories’ that remained stuck in past. Somatic methods help to reprocess trauma memories that enable the nervous system to relax and restore itself.

Anky uses various modalities to facilitate the healing of the nervous and emotional systems with the following modalities (more information can be found on:

Constellation Therapy Method: footprints are used to set up your outer or inner family system together with your health and/or emotional issues. Footprints allow for your bodily-held or sub-conscious memories to surface in a safe way within the process of attending to subtle body sensations. What was once an overwhelming experience can become reprocessed by your nervous system and psyche. These memories can be from trans-generational, childbirth, and traumatic events, or caused by the impact from surgery, accidents, or other injuries. This method helps the nervous system to a state of ‘ease of being’ through the sacred presence of your awareness instead of your story lines. Our presence allows the trauma trance involved in trauma to resolve by itself when we slow down and hold the space for change.

Internal Family Systems: this approach to healing considers the psyche to consist of many personalities, with each Part fulfilling a particular role to keep us going. These Parts of our psyche manifest in unique and interesting ways, sometimes friendly or obnoxious, and everything in between, but always protective in nature. When we experience overwhelming situations, Parts of our psyche tend to take on some of the emotional or physical trauma when the tools to fully process such an experience had not yet matured. When the pace of a salient event is too fast, this can cause the state of overwhelm to become frozen in time. It is also possible that ‘anxiety burdens’ or unresolved issues are carried down the generations, affecting us in subtle subconscious manners. Either way, it is possible to unburden Parts when we engage, witness and start the listen to them. This allows us to discover and understand the wisdom involved in how Parts came to our rescue. This unburdening process allows the nervous system to return to a felt sense of ease and peace in the presence of our kindness and attention.

Somatic Experiencing: this method uses the process of recalling the moments of trauma or overwhelm- a tiny step at the time. By slowing down the moment of remembered overwhelm in our system, the nervous system is enabled to reset itself and return to its natural ability and flexibility (neuroplasticity). This process can facilitate the nervous system to restore its ‘natural’ flow, instead of its protective hyper- or hypo-activity. This involves going back-and-forth between remembering what happened while slowing down the recall process to sense how the body feels in the moment. This allows the nervous system to journey back home to reengage with a joyful ease and gentleness towards oneself and others (our innate social engagement system).

For health care providers: Anky offers training for professional use of the Constellation Method and Somatic Psychotherapy techniques. This can be combined with most of the healing and counseling methods that you are already familiar with in your practice.

For more information, go to:

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