For A Life Free From Trauma: A Different Touch Health Clinic in Halifax

Reconnecting The Body And Mind, Maximizing Life Enjoyment

A Different Touch Health Clinic helps patients in the Greater Halifax Area find relief from emotional and physical traumas through rehabilitation and medical massage therapy techniques. Our mission is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives through our experience and diligent care.

Some of our therapies include:
• Subtle Massage Therapies
• Advanced Osteopathy & Craniosacral Techniques
• Structural Repatterning & Rehabilitation
• Emotional & Traumatic Release Techniques

Pain Resulting From Injury
Many of our patients seek our assistance in treating neck and back injuries related to automobile accidents, broken bones or sports injuries. Pain medications simply mask the symptoms and do not address the underlying cause. At our clinic, we will assess the cause of your pain and recommend a therapy to reduce its symptoms and increase your overall wellbeing.

Our therapist, Anky Aarts, uses medical massage therapy techniques to naturally reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol, and increase your body’s natural dopamine supply. Dopamine is essential in the body’s proper management of stress and pain.

Therapies For Strokes, Cardiac and Neurological Problems
If you suffer from strokes, cardiac or neurological difficulties, Anky will use multidisciplinary techniques to naturally treat your symptoms.

Therapies For Stress & Emotional Trauma
A Different Touch Health Clinic treats numerous traumas involving emotions, neurological disorders, speech, attention deficit disorder and others. We also see patients who suffer from stress as a result of trauma, as well as dysfunctions involving multiple systems. Frequently we find that individuals are debilitated and unhappy because of a disconnection between the body and mind.

Case Examples
Six-month-old Roy could only move his neck to the left. By restoring the biological rhythms of his brain, spinal cord and organs, he was able to freely move again.

Eddy, in his thirties, came in doubled over from pain around his right hip area. After treatment to harmonize the energetic patterns over his stomach organs, meridians and spinal nerves, he could stand straight again and move without pain.

Christine’s lower back hurt so much that she had to take time off from work. After working on the bone bruises of her ankle and the rest of her stress pattern, she could even run again. In the process she remembered how she hurt herself during her favorite sports activity.

Four year old Cynthia was cranky during the day and night, causing all her family members to be tired. After treating her stress patterns from childbirth, she became bubbly and cheerful, and better able to express herself.

If you suffer from pain, emotional trauma, or a neurological disorder, we can help you find a positive result that will bring back the enjoyment of life.

Read more about Anky Aarts' rich background in providing therapeutic services for both the body and mind.

Our services are covered by most insurance plans. To ensure that all patients receive the proper level of care, our clinical services are available by appointment only.

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